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What we can do for you

TSM is a leading expert in social media management, consulting, and online growth strategies. From the beginning of this new social media era, TSM has recognized international networking, and focused efforts on developing online strategies. TSM focuses on the specific goals that your business is trying to achieve with its social media presence. We understand that your needs vary based on your type of business. TSM will complete an initial consult with our clients to learn their goals, then create a specific marketing plan, unique to each client. The following are services we offer to optimize your social media presence:


Personal social media is very different from professional social media marketing. Even though TSM will take over your outlets and create campaigns, it is imperative that you learn about the social media.We will teach you about the basic inner workings and etiquette of social media marketing. This stage will help you with the understanding of your over online presence. Consulting can be something that is done during a campaign or can be used as a teaching tool for you and your staff. Complete social media training classes are also available for your team.


Tracking and Analytics/Statistics
TSM will help provide tracking urls and phone numbers for specific campaigns including organic and paid ad campaigns. We can provide you with a demographic snapshot of your fans (in most platforms) and help you better learn your fans’ habits and likes.


TSM has always been a leader in design. We will brand your social media outlets so that your brand remains consistent across platforms. If you have not developed branding, TSM will help you develop a visual that serves your concept for maximum exposure.


Each client varies in the amount of social media control they want to retain. If you prefer a “hands off” approach, TSM can manage your social media presence for you. We research your industry and needs to create a detailed strategy for success in any industry. We’ve worked with corporate clients as well as clients in the entertainment industry. Our clients include authors, speakers, athletes, movie stars, musicians, and movie campaigns. TSM social media management can include basic posting, contests, fan engagement, custom HTML pages, and opt ins.


TSM has managed many paid ad campaigns on various platforms. We can help you make sure you get the most bang for your buck in the advertising segment of social media.


Video Content
TSM has been a leading video production company for almost a decade and has created a niche for social media videos. We offer basic videos which are fact-based and can include interviews, testimonials, and speaking parts; as well as original videos where TSM develops a concept in either a popular spoof, humor, or dramatic video. We can create the storyboard and produce a video that will entertain your fans while still promoting the message. Is your social media lacking something? Maybe its the WOW or entertainment factor.


Contact us today so that we can meet and develop a strategy for your online marketing efforts.